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1:1 NLP Training for Business and Professional People

Do you want the best NLP Training?  Our excellent personal, coaching and business 1:1 NLP training leads you to success and fulfillment. Our certified courses have been developed over 12 years and tested with the highest calibre individuals. We offer a unique guarantee to protect your investment.


We offer 1:1 NLP training for individuals and NLP courses for companies and organisations. Our 1:1 training is exceptionally effective and we start with two totally free sessions to enable you to test the approach for yourself. You can then choose between accredited 1) NLP practitioner or NLP Business Practitioner, 2) NLP Master Practitioner or NLP Business Master Practitioner 3) NLP Coach Practitioner.

NLP Training | NLP Practitioner Training

NLP Training

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For in-house courses please see our NLP Courses.

Free Objective Setting

We offer two totally  free 50 minute Skype or telephone objective setting sessions so that you get the most value from your training.

It’s worth taking advantage of this offer what ever training you’re considering.

Free introduction to NLP

Our free 8 part NLP and Success NLP Video Training gives beginners and practitioners both an introduction and a reminder of key NLP concepts.

NLP Practitioner

NLP Practitioner Training is normally one session every two weeks for six months for an investment of £1800 (or £300 per month).

NLP Business Practitioner

Business Practitioner sessions are normally one every two weeks over nine months for an investment of £2750 (or £325 per month).  There are shorter, 3 month conversion courses for people who already have NLP Practitioner accreditation.

NLP Master Practitioner

Master Practitioner training is for existing practitioners and is normally one session every two weeks over seven months for an investment of £2500 (or £360 per month).

Business Master Practitioner

Our Business Master practitioner is designed to your specific requirements.

NLP Coach Practitioner

This is for Practitioners and Master Practitioners who want to specialise in coaching. This normally involves one session every two weeks over three months for an investment of £1200 (or £400 per month)

Professional Development Courses 

We run quarterly, quality, affordable (currently just £40) 1-day development  courses for current delegates and existing practitioners and master practitioners. As these  NLP  workshops  are restricted to 12 delegates, we recommend you book early. These include hypnotic influence, meta-model and NLP strategies, modelling, coaching and ‘buddy’ coaching. You can register an interest through our workshop update page.


We’re only interested in offering the very best NLP training. Your only commitment is to pay monthly in advance, you can cancel the training at any time. (No one has done this yet).  In addition we will give you up to two extra free sessions after your training has finished, which you may use in any way you wish.


The training is accredited by NLP Co-Creator Richard Bandler and the  The Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming™ (SNLP)

1:1 NLP Training Video

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NLP Training and NLP Practitioner Training

NLP Training