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 Do you want more success and more fulfilment? Our highly-regarded 1:1 and company NLP training courses help you achieve both of these goals.


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For individuals we offer a programme of 1:1 face-to-face and Skype NLP practitioner and master practitioner training. We combine these with a series of open workshops for  your long term continual professional development.

For companies we offer highly effective in-house training courses; including modules in key business disciplines such as leadership, sales, coaching, and change management. We support all our programmes with the most advanced Cloud technology.

To find out more read our 1:1 NLP training download, see our NLP training courses or book a slot in NLP trainer, Michael Beale’s on-line diary to have a phone or Skype chat.

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What is NLP?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming,  is an exploration of how we communicate, think and act with the aim of replicating and improving great performance.

Our delegates have gained promotions, increased their influence with stakeholders, managed change, resolved conflicts, started and grown businesses – all at the same time as increasing their personal satisfaction and fulfillment.

Read more about  What is NLP?

Free NLP Video Series

You can view our What is NLP? video below

See our  series of 8  NLP Training videos (no registration or fee).


Free Objective and End Goal Setting Sessions

We offer two free 50 minute telephone or Skype sessions to help you clarify what you want from the individual training.

This gives you the opportunity to check that we work well together before you commit to any programme. In addition, thinking through what you want to achieve in advance will dramatically increase the benefit you receive from the programme.

It’s worth taking us up on this offer whatever training you finally choose: Go to NLP objective setting or simply book a telephone or Skype slot in Michael’s on-line diary to find out more.

1:1 NLP Training for Individuals

Our 1:1 certified NLP training programme is extremely effective.

The format gives you a totally confidential environment to explore, plan, and achieve your goals supported by 1:1 coaching and the best NLP training available.

Programmes are normally over 6 months with 2 hour sessions every two weeks, backed up with practical exercises, workshops and reading to support your learning. Read more about the NLP Practitioner format and benefits. We have  just two places available if you would like to start immediately!

We offer all our delegates the option of paying monthly so there is no upfront investment. You can cancel at any time without penalty although, to gain certification you need to complete the programme to a high standard.

We offer a range of accredited programmes including NLP practitioner, business practitioner, master practitioner , business master practitioner and coach practitioner. Read more about the various 1:1 NLP Training options.

NLP Training Courses for Companies and Organisations

We have been running and developing  in-house certified courses for companies and organisations for more than 12 years.

Our programmes have been designed for sales, marketing, finance, project managers and consultants. We can supplement our programmes with 1:1 coaching as required. Read more about our NLP courses.

We offer in-house  training courses, 1:1 training complemented by one day workshops, business coaching, conference presentations, CDs and DVDs, and link to one of the internet’s largest range of techniques and free videos. See our NLP sitemap for the full range of our products and offers.

What is NLP? video

Video: What is NLP?


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